Everyone knows they need to secure their network, the big question is how. The answer is through multiple layers of protection provided by TruTech IT Solutions.

We view security as a layered approach. There is no single piece of hardware or software that will protect your network completely. We offer layered solutions to protect your whole network.

Our approach starts with protecting your from the outside with Watchguard firewalls. Watchguard firewalls not only block attempts to infiltrate your network from the outside but by using their web filtering can block users on the inside from going to websites or downloading files they shouldn't.

Next you add protection against viruses and malware with ESET Antivirus and MalwareBytes. The combination of these powerful security solutions provides that extra layer to protect your network.
Using Microsoft Windows Server you can change security for your workstations, whether it be specific settings regarding passwords or controlling the Windows firewall. All parts of the layers of security for your network.

Part of securing your network is to keep all of your equipment patched. Firewalls, switches and your computers all need to have their updates installed to have the latest security in place. Make sure your systems are up to date.

Like everything else with computers, security needs are ever changing. We offer all of the above to our clients including Email Security to protect your users.

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