Small Business IT Support in Colorado Springs

TruTech IT Solutions offers IT Support and Services whether you have a server and workstations or if you have your workstations running independent of each other. Most small businesses do not want to pay for a spare computer just to have around in case another computer fails so they need it back quick.

Regular maintenance on PCs should be implemented for efficiency and longevity. We deliver various options for maintaining or supporting your PCs from flat rate monthly support (Managed IT Support), block hour purchases or on an as needed basis. Not every business is the same and we are flexible to the ever changing needs of Small Businesses.

With a Managed Services agreement you may also add Flat Rate support for your workstations. This support, like our Managed Services support for servers, can be an all inclusive agreement. What this means is that if there is anything wrong we cover the services. If a hard drive fails then you buy the hard drive and we copy any data that is still accessible, reload Windows and get it back on the network all at no extra charge. Please see our Managed IT Support page for more details.

Our Pricing

Different Options For Different Needs.

For normal service calls our pricing is $120 per hour. Onsite repairs are billed at a minimum of one hour with 15 minute intervals after the initial hour. Remote support is billed at a minimum of 1/4 hour with 15 minute intervals thereafter.
We also offer monthly Managed Services to manage your whole network. Our pricing is based on an analysis of your current system and specific needs. Contact us to learn more.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

In Colorado Springs call us at 719.208.7835.

You may also email us at or use our Contact Us Form.